Welcome to ShaunConnell.com

Picture from a couple of years ago with my girlfriend, Felicia.

My name is Shaun Connell, and I’m an entrepreneur and investor.

In the past, I founded and sold Conservative Tribune, Capitalism Institute, Learn Financial Planning, as well as dozens of other smaller projects.

I’m currently building a company from scratch to sell physical products exclusively through e-commerce.

What I Do

I enjoy launching online businesses, getting them to profitability, and then selling them to others who would likely do a much better job at managing them for the long-term.

With my latest project, however, my goal is to own it indefinitely so I can learn more about managing and steadily growing companies rather than quickly reaching profitability and an exit. Launching and flipping companies is incredibly lucrative, but exhausting.

I’ve worked full-time since highschool, went to college for a short time, and then dropped out of college for the sake of work and self-education. The line between my interests and work is essentially non-existent — they’re the same.¬†

In 2011, I launched Capitalism Institute — a website and a corresponding Facebook page — to publish viral and important political news and commentary to defend capitalistic ideas.

Eventually, I realized that the business model could be much larger in scale if I targeted conservatives in general, and launched Conservative Tribune in December of 2013.

I sold Capitalism Institute in 2014, and Conservative Tribune in mid-2015.

What I Believe

I adhere to a moral code based on natural values. I believe that not all values are morally equal, and that nature itself is wired so that some values are more important than others, depending on the context. I don’t pretend to be some kind of philosopher, but it’s a pretty neat moral view that has made my life drastically better since I came up with it a few years ago.

Natural values lead to a materially productive, defensive, cautious, and content lifestyle focusing on close friends and family over shallow social values. It’s both ambitious and not socially competitive or aggressive.

My Lifestyle

People often talk about their work and their views, but not enough is discussed about approaches to lifestyle. So here we go.

I didn’t take a full day off from 2009 to 2015. In mid-2014, I was hospitalized, mostly for lack of sleep and exhaustion. I built one of the most popular websites in America (top 100) in less than a year, and experienced 20+ hour days and all-nighters on a regular basis. While I’m glad I did it, the process definitely took a toll.

Part of the office. It's designed for learning just as much as it is for "getting things done."

Right now, I’m partially retired and am trying to recover from 5-6 years of working absurd hours. I’ve put together a 1,300 square foot downtown office that is pretty close to my favorite restaurants, my home, and basic shopping so I can walk everywhere necessary while taking it easy.

After a year or so, I’m planning on doing some traveling. For now, I’m mostly just sleeping and reading a lot.

My office is part man cave, part gaming center, part library, and part gym.

I built a full-scale gym in an adjoining room to the room pictured on the right. This makes it much easier to work out while still allowing for my lifestyle of mostly walking.

I’m still building a personal library. I have several thousand books on everything from finance, philosophy, history, computer science, psychology, relationships, and entrepreneurship. My goal is to build a library that I can pass on to my kids that will contain everything they need to know about ¬†living a successful life.

My goal is to continue to educate myself, work out intensely, and relax for the next couple of years as I put together another business. I don’t plan on ever fully retiring, but hope to stay quasi-retired, working part time on interesting projects for fun and profit.

Right now, once per week my younger brother Seth spends a couple of days with me and we work on programming, strategic thinking, business, and other things as part of his homeschool curriculum. It’s definitely a lot of fun. I keep track of my lifestyle on Instagram and my business projects on LinkedIn, both below.

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