White House Responds To Melania Trump Allegations

On Wednesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania released an official photograph of themselves to mark the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks launched on September 11th, 2001.

You can view the couple’s photograph here.

In a surprising twist, Democrats lost their minds over the picture. On social media, they blasted First Lady Melania for her outfit choice, claiming that she purposely wore a coat with stitching that resembled the World Trade Center exploding.

According to The Hill:

“Some Twitter users noted that the trim on the back of the first lady’s coat appeared to resemble a skyscraper with a smaller object hovering nearby, which some said resembled the images of the World Trade Center being struck by aircraft.”

Of course, these claims were absolute nonsense. But even so, the White House still decided to provide an official statement regarding the issue.

White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, the former press secretary for FLOTUS, summed up the situation perfectly:

“It’s ridiculous.”

I think these allegations against Melania Trump are pretty revealing. They show us that the left is so out of touch with reality that they will literally MAKE UP reasons to go after the Trump family – even if it’s over something as insignificant as Melania Trump’s choice of clothing.

Nothing is sacred to these people. Reality is merely an inconvenience to their delusional minds.


Do YOU think liberals are overreacting?

Send me your thoughts. I can’t wait to hear what you really think.

Until we speak again,

Shaun Connell

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