Trump Attacked Over Baseless “Whistleblower” Allegation

Democrats are AGAIN trying to cook up reasons to accuse President Donald Trump of wrongdoing.

This time, they’re trying to push a baseless conspiracy theory invented by an anonymous “whistleblower” that alleges President Trump privately made agreements with a world leader over the phone.

It’s not even a real scandal, but for some reason Democrats are LOSING THEIR MINDS over it – and it’s not even clear what Trump promised, or if it even happened in the first place!

Of course, as always, The New York Times was one of the first to report this baseless “scandal” on their publication. And even they couldn’t clearly explain why the “scandal” was in fact scandalous.

But in spite of not knowing anything, as usual, the Times did their best to paint Trump as a villain who is involved in something dark and sinister – in spite of having no proof:

“The complaint, which prompted a standoff between Congress and Mr. Trump’s top intelligence official, involves a commitment that Mr. Trump made in a communication with another world leader, according to a person familiar with the complaint.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to lose sleep over allegations like this. I’m tired of the liberal news media inventing reasons to attack our president so they can push their own broken political agenda.

It’s purely fake news at this point – and the liberal media networks pushing this garbage should be ashamed of themselves.


Do YOU think the liberal media is out of control?

Email me your answer. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Until tomorrow,

Shaun Connell

PS: Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has promised that if he becomes president, he’s going to CONFISCATE all AR-15s.

Well, I have a message for him. COME AND TAKE IT.