Trump A Stronger Candidate Than Reagan, Strategist Says

In case you were wondering, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign is much stronger than Democrats like to admit…

Even Steve Bannon – who used to be a Chief Strategist for President Trump until they got into a big argument – says that Trump is going to be a tougher candidate than Ronald Reagan.

During an interview with Bartiromo, Bannon proclaimed that Trump’s success with Hispanics will probably give him an edge:

“[Trump is] the toughest candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime. Tougher than Ronald Reagan… Remember what President Trump is trying to do on the border is all about the rule of law. I happen to think he’s going to get 40 or 50% of the Hispanic vote in this country.”

Think about it. Getting 50% of the Hispanic vote would be a MASSIVE victory for Trump and the Republican Party. It would mean that for the first time in a long time, a Republican presidential candidate will have gained the support of minority voters.

As you may already know, Trump has had HUGE success with African American voters recently. Support for his campaign has steadily increased, especially after all of his infrastructure deals that have helped the inner cities.

Trump’s strategies to gain support with minorities are working. And if Democrats don’t figure out a way to stop him, he’s going to be a 2 term president.


Do YOU think Trump was right to not politicize the mass shootings?

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Until we speak again,

Shaun Connell

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