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I mention this a lot for a few reasons. First, I don’t care to be polite. It’s not polite to bring it up a lot. But it’s relevant, so I’ll do it anyway. Second, as I just said, it’s relevant. I’ll talk more about this below, but suffice it to say

  • Finding good jobs is going to get even harder. As technology progresses, “good jobs” will be few and far between. Those that exist will often be wonderful – but the overall percentage of the population that will have one will likely become more consolidated. This means that not only should you focus on saving as much as possible, you should also make career decisions with this in mind.
  • If you can “job” it, you can often “business” it. If your job is critical to a business, then nine times out of ten you can turn it into a business. Copywriting? Programming?  Graphics design? Janitor? Accountant? Mechanic? The list goes on.
  • Jobs don’t make much money, frankly. Even if you’re the top performing person at your job, the money is almost never going to be that great. If your goal is to generate substantial wealth – like a million per year – there’s almost no chance you’ll do that with a job.
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