‘Shouting and Shrieking’ Heard From Epstein’s Cell

Jeffrey Epstein did NOT die in silence.

New reports reveal that “shouting and shrieking” came from his jail cell as correction officers scrambled around him. It’s not clear exactly what they were doing when he died.

According to CBS News:

“On the morning of Jeffrey Epstein’s death there was shouting and shrieking from his jail cell, a source familiar with the situation told CBS News. Corrections officers attempted to revive him while saying ‘breathe, Epstein, breathe.'”

Even multiple days after the fact, Epstein’s death is still shrouded in mystery.

The alleged “suicide” came as a complete shock to the world, especially since it appeared as if Epstein was in good spirits before his abrupt death.

Epstein was even reportedly concerned for his safety. Fox News says that Epstein “feared” his cellmate before the guy was transferred elsewhere just hours before Epstein died.

Attorney General William Barr is furious about the whole issue, and even made an official public announcement:

“We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability. I was appalled and frankly angry to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner.”

It’s a devastating blow to be sure. But the investigation will go on. Especially since a new suspect is being questioned regarding the Epstein ordeal.

This isn’t over.


Do YOU think Epstein should have been put under 24 hour surveillance?

Tell me what you REALLY think. I’ll be waiting to read your response.

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Shaun Connell

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