Sexual Accuser Steps Forward Against Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s past is coming back to bite him.

When Brett Kavanaugh was recently accused of sexual misconduct, Biden tried to DESTROY his Supreme Court nomination by claiming that all sexual allegations by women should automatically be considered true.

Yet in the 1990s, Biden had absolutely NO problem ignoring Anita Hill’s sexual allegations against Supreme Court Justice Nominee Clarence Thomas. Instead, he actually took part in silencing her story.

That’s why Anita Hill has decided to publicly attack Biden’s hypocritical stance in a Tweet to the nation, claiming that he set back women decades:

“If the Senate Judiciary Committee, led then by Mr. Biden, had done its job … the cultural shift we saw in 2017 after #MeToo might have began [sic] in 1991.”

Regardless of whether or not you believe in Anita Hill or the #MeToo movement, one thing remains brutally clear: Joe Biden is a hypocrite.

Either Biden is too stupid to practice what he preaches, or he was purposely LYING about believing Kavanaugh’s accusers.

Either way, this guy doesn’t deserve to be president. Period.


Should Joe Biden drop out?

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Shaun Connell