Obama’s Admin Helped Steele Gain Influence to Hurt Trump

Obama’s administration may have actually HELPED Christopher Steele get in a position of influence to hurt Donald Trump.

Apparently, new emails have been discovered showing that the State Department under President Obama facilitated meetings between Christopher Steele and a few private consulting firms. The State Department essentially gave Steele the tools he needed to gain traction.

According to an official report by the The Daily Caller:

“A State Department official who played a key role in handling the Steele dossier facilitated meetings between Christopher Steele and private consulting firms, according to State Department emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

That’s not all. The report gets really specific. Apparently, one of the “consulting firms” had been founded by Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Mack McLarty. Other meetings involved a former ambassador to Morocco.

At this point, it’s pretty clear that more was going on in Obama’s administration than he publicly admits. His people helped Steele and they gave him the sources he needed to sabotage Donald Trump.

If true, then these emails prove that what happened to Donald Trump was Obama’s doing. It was Obama’s administration. Obama’s people. Regardless of whether Obama knew about the meetings or not, he was responsible for the actions of his administration.

Trump didn’t deserve to be slandered because of a fake dossier. And the fact that he was… is exactly why Obama’s presidency will be remembered as the worst in American history.


Do you think Obama’s administration tried to sabotage Trump?

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Shaun Connell