Jeffrey Epstein Autopsy Expected Today

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning. However, in spite of the fact that his death happened in a highly guarded prison, he died without any surveillance or witnesses to the event (allegedly) – and the real cause of death remains unknown.

That’s why investigators are performing an autopsy on Epstein’s body. They’re going to figure out once and for all how Epstein died. And if recent reports are true, the autopsy report should be in sometime today.

According to medical examiner Dr. Barbara Sampson:

“Today, a medical examiner performed the autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein. The ME’s determination is pending further information at this time. At the request of those representing the decedent, and with the awareness of the federal prosecutor, I allowed a private pathologist (Dr. Michael Baden) to observe the autopsy examination. This is routine practice. My office defers to the involved law enforcement agencies regarding other investigations around this death. Inquiries regarding the determination of the Chief Medical Examiner should be directed towards my office.”

Epstein died just one day after records were unsealed implicating top Democrats and world elites including Prince Andrew. So the details surrounding how he died could be a major indicator if there was any foul play involved.

This story will likely develop further. I’ll keep you guys updated if any new information is learned.

Please stay tuned…


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Shaun Connell

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