List of Essays

Nature is just the total series of all systems. Because of this, systematic and structural thinking is critical to any kind of meaningful life or worldly success.

In the essays below, I do my best to detail my personal understanding of the building-block principles, structures, and systems around us.

Philosophy, strategy, economics – these are my primary arenas and general frameworks from which I operate. Most of life is found in the overlap between these fields and disciplines.

It’s incredible how powerful a systematic approach to life can be.

Personal Strategy

Wealth-building strategy

Social and Political

Above, you’ll find my longer articles on these topics. I blog constantly on this website, but these are the more fundamental posts that go a little more in-depth than a normal blog post. Think of them as the occasional essay peppering what is normally a micro-blog.

Please don’t interpret this page or website to mean that I somehow believe that I’m better equipped to answer life’s questions than anyone else. I’m just an endlessly curious, obsessive person.

I enjoy analyzing concepts and looking for their more novel applications. I’ve made many horrible decisions in my life – something I’ll probably write about in-depth here at some point. I’m many things, but an elitist is definitely not one of them.

This page, of course, is a work in progress. I’ll be adding to this page as I publish more essays. Some of the essays might be hosted on other websites, but most are hosted here, on