#ClintonBodyCount Is Trending On Twitter

Bill and Hillary Clinton are in for a rough ride…

Ever since leftist billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, more and more people are accusing the Clinton family of being involved with his death.

So many people are saying it, that even “#ClintonBodyCount” is trending on Twitter. According to Rolling Stone the hashtag began gaining traction after the FIRST TIME Epstein was found hanging.

“#ClintonBodyCount was one of the top trending topics on Twitter, with many speculating that Epstein’s injuries were the result of an attempt on his life that was orchestrated by his former friends.”

Epstein’s death has only made the hashtag more popular on Twitter. According to a report by MEAWW:

“Since the news of Epstein’s reported death was released, users on Twitter have yet again taken to the social media platform to bring back the hashtag.”

Epstein’s death right now is the worst thing that could possibly happen for Democrats. Not only are the Clintons being accused for Epstein’s untimely demise, but the news came out just days after Democrat leaders like Al Gore and Bill Richardson were named by sex slaves controlled by Epstein.

This kind of publicity is absolutely DEVASTATING for Democrats. Especially ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Considering that Trump kicked Epstein OUT of Mar-A-Logo, Democrats are going to have a tough time defending their leaders who were very close friends with him and remained close.

But in the meantime, one thing remains clear: Jeffrey Epstein’s death should in NO way interfere with the investigation into his crimes. The people involved in Epstein’s illegal activity need to be caught and brought to justice regardless. End of story.


Do YOU think Epstein was guilty of the crimes he was charged with?

Tell me what you REALLY think. I’ll be waiting to read your response.

Until we speak again,

Shaun Connell

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