Clinton Library Refusing To Release Info On Bill’s Ties To Epstein

Bill Clinton’s secrets are slowly coming out – and they’re worse than we thought.

On Saturday, Bill Clinton’s close billionaire friend Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in New York for sex trafficking minors. He’s facing federal sex trafficking charges and could potentially face YEARS in prison.

Bill and Epstein are very close. Records show that Bill ditched his secret service multiple times to be in private with Epstein on his “Lolita Express” airplane – and possibly flew with Epstein more than 26 times.

And now, investigators have hit the mother load…

OANN has just reported that the Clinton Presidential Library is REFUSING to hand over information about Bill Clinton’s ties to Epstein.

This is huge. It’s proof that Clinton’s people are worried that they might accidentally leak something incriminating against Bill. That’s why they’re refusing to cooperate.

We’re going to have to wait for more details to be released before we can reach any solid conclusions. But right now, it’s looking very bad indeed for Bill Clinton.


Do you think Bill Clinton should be investigated for his ties to Jeffrey Epstein?

Tell me what you really think.

Until tomorrow,

Shaun Connell

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