Bill De Blasio Responds To Dropout Rumors

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio finally responded to reports that he might soon drop out of the 2020 presidential election.

Just the other night on Fox News, Blasio confessed to Tucker Carlson that he has no intention of ending his campaign just yet. And that right now, he’s just running his campaign so that he can get some much needed attention for himself politically:

“I’ve said very clearly my goal is to get into those next debates — and that’s a month away until that cut-off period. I’m going to put ideas out there that I think are going to be meaningful for people. Even a $1 donation helps me to get into the next debates.”

Needless to say, Blasio’s chances of being the Democrat nominee are slim. His hometown city of New York is in shambles – destroyed from the same radical socialist agenda that Blasio is trying so hard to push.

Carlson didn’t let Blasio off the hook on that fact, either. Carlson even called out Blasio for allowing people to defecate in the streets without being arrested.

But sadly, it looks like we’re going to be forced to put up with Blasio a little while longer. It’s obvious that he’s just going to juice this election for as long as he can.

What a disgrace.

If Blasio really cared about helping people, he would go back home and clean up New York. But as with most Democrats, Blasio’s goal isn’t actually to help people. He just wants to push his socialist agenda and gain fame and wealth in the process.


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Shaun Connell

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