About Me

I’m a conservative businessman and investor.

Whenever I’m asked what I do for a living, I often struggle with an answer that doesn’t sound misleading or pretentious. I “retired” around 25, but I still have businesses that I launch for fun and out of habit.

In the past, I started businesses and generally sold them. The latest batch of projects, however, I plan on holding for the long haul.

This website is my personal website for discussing personal strategy, philosophy, and occasionally my conservative political views.

I’ll cover my businesses below. To learn more about my values, you can check out the personal value page.

Online Publishing – Ranking on Google

Most of my career has been spent in online publishing. I used to focus on building websites to rank on Google for search traffic and did this for several years. I’ve built websites that Have ranked in the top few results on Google for keywords like:

  • Debt
  • Debt consolidation
  • Gold
  • Gold prices
  • Make money
  • Make money online
  • Savings account
  • Online savings account

This was harder than it sounded. Eventually, I was running a website that focused on a small email list I had for gold investors. In 2011, I announced gold was expensive and moved on to political publishing – that was the year gold prices peaked.

Online Publishing – Conservative Media Projects 

The project I started in political publishing was Capitalism Institute, a small conservative libertarian website. The idea was simple: one or two articles per day talking about that day’s news stories from a conservative libertarian perspective.

This website took off. By 2013, it occurred to me I should shift heavily in the direction of conservative media as it was ripe for disruption. Late that year, I started Conservative Tribune, a viral conservative website. This project went viral. By the end of 2014, millions of people were on the website every day.

At one point, I wrote an article that had been read by over 10,000,000 people. It’s probably impossible to scan over this page and fully internalize the last sentence. That’s nuts.

The work was insane, and the writing was on the wall that Facebook was going to eventually crack down on these kinds of projects. I eventually sold Conservative Tribune in 2015, and, in very early 2018, the project’s domain became defunct due to Facebook’s new policies.

I took a couple of years off, experimented in ecommerce and investing, and mostly recovered from working 7 days per week for years.

Then, in 2017, I launched the Conservative Institute. The idea of CI was to be a mixture of what I loved about Capitalism Institute and Conservative Tribune. It’s now a solid business that earns a stable 7 figures from part-time work.

The next phase in life is moving beyond publishing and focusing more on investing the money that I’ve already earned.

Wealth Building as a Hobby

I’m passionate about wealth building. Starting businesses, investing in stocks and bonds, real estate investing, dividend investing, debt, credit, banking – pretty much anything related to building wealth is endlessly fascinating.

I’ve probably read (ok, seriously scanned!) a thousand books on boring financial topics.

Right now, my main financial focuses are:

  • Live “frugally” – relatively. Frugality is relative. Basically, try to increase the gap between your income and expenses. I try to live on less than 5% of my income and invest the rest.
  • Invest at M1Finance.com. I stash money every month onto this online investing platform.
  • Invest in real estate funds. I stash money quarterly into real estate funds that focus on NNN commercial properties and apartment buildings.
  • Start new businesses. I’m trying to learn how to start a business that doesn’t require me – in other words, leveraging connections more than my own labor. It’s fun, but more difficult than it sounds.

Personal Strategy as a Passion

I don’t know of many people who obsess over personal strategy. I have no idea why.

Personal strategy is basically any part of your life where you make decisions – with the assumption that all decisions either maximize or minimize your chances of getting what you want out of life.

Imagine if there was an area of thought – like history, or English, or math – that taught you how to make the right decisions so that everything you wanted became more likely to happen.

Incredibly, this is a very real area of thought – it’s just neglected by nearly everyone for no coherent reason.

Good personal strategy leads to a nearly boring level of personal prosperity for most people. Bad personal strategy leads to chaos. Chances are, if you have mental health issues, a large part of the problem is bad personal strategy.

Good personal strategy leads to being wealthier, healthier, more powerful, happier, and more at peace. It leads to a life with minimal anxiety, minimal depression, and minimal pain. Life won’t be perfect, of course, but it leads to the best life possible – by nature.

This is an extremely unpopular view because it requires people start viewing life as what it is: a series of perpetual strategic decisions where one’s happiness depends on the choices made.

Developing thoughts on personal strategy is one reason, of many, I’ve launched this website.

Personal Values

To learn about my values, you can check out this page. If you’re more politically oriented, it’s the page you’ll be looking for.