About Me

My name is Shaun. I’m a conservative publisher, business owner, and income investor.

I’m also the founder of the Conservative Institute, a popular conservative media organization.

Conservative Media

For the last 8 years, I’ve been publishing and running conservative media companies. I started Conservative Institute in 2017.

Online conservative media isn’t like most media industries. We’re drastically outgunned and out funded by massive left-wing companies and platforms. We face constant threat of censorship. We’re perpetually demonized with comparisons to horrible ideologies that we hate.

So why do it? Simple. If Western civilization isn’t worth spending a life fighting for, then nothing is. Everything is at stake, and the United States and Israel are the two last stands on earth.

As Reagan said in 1964,

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth. And this idea that government is beholden to the people, that it has no other source of power except to sovereign people, is still the newest and most unique idea in all the long history of man’s relation to man.”

Wealth Building as a Hobby

I’m passionate about wealth building. Starting businesses, investing in stocks and bonds, real estate investing, dividend investing, debt, credit, banking – pretty much anything related to building wealth is endlessly fascinating.

I’ve probably read (ok, seriously scanned!) a thousand books on boring financial topics.

Right now, my main financial focuses are:

  • Live “frugally” – relatively. Frugality is relative. Basically, try to increase the gap between your income and expenses. I try to live on less than 5% of my income and invest the rest.
  • Invest at M1Finance.com. I stash money every month onto this online investing platform.
  • Invest in real estate funds. I stash money quarterly into real estate funds that focus on NNN commercial properties and apartment buildings.
  • Start new businesses. I’m trying to learn how to start a business that doesn’t require me – in other words, leveraging connections more than my own labor. It’s fun, but more difficult than it sounds.

Income Investing

My values aren’t just abstract principles about how a society should be run in general. There are direct applications to personal life as well. For example, if you support:

  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Stability
  • Dignity

… then you should be an income investor.

Income investing provides you with freedom over what you do during your time on earth. It provides you security that speculators will never experience. It provides you with stability so you can feel comfortable actually utilizing your freedom. And it provides you with the dignity of knowing that you don’t have to put up with an out of control boss or economic situation – you’re in charge.

My income investments right now include several businesses, an oil well, several rent houses, several commercial real estate funds, a couple of private equity funds, stocks, bonds, and private debt.

My brother and I are currently working on a project to explain how income investing can be done by anyone to find freedom, security, and dignity. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

Personal Strategy as a Passion

I don’t know of many people who obsess over personal strategy. I have no idea why.

Personal strategy is basically any part of your life where you make decisions – with the assumption that all decisions either maximize or minimize your chances of getting what you want out of life.

Imagine if there was an area of thought – like history, or English, or math – that taught you how to make the right decisions so that everything you wanted became more likely to happen.

Incredibly, this is a very real area of thought – it’s just neglected by nearly everyone for no coherent reason.

Good personal strategy leads to a nearly boring level of personal prosperity for most people. Bad personal strategy leads to chaos. Chances are, if you have mental health issues, a large part of the problem is bad personal strategy.

Good personal strategy leads to being wealthier, healthier, more powerful, happier, and more at peace. It leads to a life with minimal anxiety, minimal depression, and minimal pain. Life won’t be perfect, of course, but it leads to the best life possible – by nature.

This is an extremely unpopular view because it requires people start viewing life as what it is: a series of perpetual strategic decisions where one’s happiness depends on the choices made.

Developing thoughts on personal strategy is one reason, of many, I’ve launched this website.