The Church is Lame

Warning: Random Rant Following.

I’m currently reading the book “Starving Jesus”, written by the guys at These guys aren’t afraid of doing the right thing, even if it offends someone, or makes them go “omgosh! they talked about porn/sex/booze”. The book has been incredible so far, and the honesty that they write with is simply amazing.

For example, they didn’t go to church for years though they were in full-time ministry. I can completely understand, given that so many aspects of the church are random, irrational and unbiblical. Church has become a cult of tradition rather than a group of believers. Shame on it. At one point in the first chapter, the guys literally say, “Church sucks!” Dead on.

I’m probably going to write more about this at Rational Christianity, but I just wanted to rant a bit. The church is afraid of talking about sex, about porn, about movie content, about philosophy, about whether greed is okay, about materialism, about anything. The most radical churches I’ve ever seen (out of the dozens I’ve attended, ranging from baptist to reformed to dancing and screaming charismatics to uber-conservative-homeschool-shelter-groups ;-p) never tackled the important issues.

We seem to be lost in the doctrine and have lost focus in the people. Or we get caught up with the people and lose focus in the truth. I’m not condemning doctrinal studies — I’m eat up with doctrine. But I know that doctrine without action is not just pointless, it’s freaking /wrong/. But focusing on the people without understanding the doctrine is utterly stupid.

Most churches have a “mission” that they support. They might financially support the mission a bit, and some of the more biblical churches might go out of the country once a year. Once a year. What’s wrong with us? We hear the word “mission” and we think “third-world country”. Ladies and gentlemen, America has a need like we can’t believe for reform. The philosophy of America is collapsing. There’s more to being a missionary than building houses — note that I say /more/. I’m not saying we should stop the missions we’re on, I’m saying we should /add on to what we’re doing/.

There’s no such thing as a “part time mission” or “full time ministry”. That’s a damned philosophy of Satan. We’re all full-time here, whether we suck at doing spreading the message or not. Being a Christian isn’t a once-a-week or a something that happens with starving kids in Africa. It’s a question of loving God with our minds, which means we have to stop the intellectual slobbery that says “not everyone can think well”, and move past the idea that being a stupid Christian is more holy than a intellectual Christian.

Polls show that 50% of America has dumped protestant Christianity. Go to CNN, it was one of the top stories for days. Religion is dying in America, and there’s a reason. Christians are acting like idiots, are embracing blind-faith, are treating church like a little social subculture rather than an outreach.