Evil Rich People

I am absolutely sick and tired of non-rich snobs looking down their mediocre noses at the rich because the rich dare to actually spend their money on themselves.

But rather than argue with this herd, I’m going to do this: if you believe “excess” and “lavish lifestyles” are bad, I will personally help you change your life and get rid of all of /your/ excess. We’ll start with diet, entertainment, and free time.

A few weeks ago, I posted a link to a place where plenty of people were condemning Dave Ramsey for owning a large house. As in, condemning him — saying he was wrong to have a nice house.

While I disagree with a lot of his stuff, he’s helped thousands upon thousands of people to completely change their lives. Even then, his house was only a small percentage of his wealth — the rest presumably is going toward investments, business projects, and productive labor.

The worker deserves his wages, and yes, that means the rich guy deserves that Maserati that he bought in cash.

Of course, I’m saying this as a guy who drives a used car, doesn’t travel, hasn’t had a legit vacation in forever, and am saving every dime because I’m far more interested in building a portfolio than spending money. But still.