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The Make Money Online Article

Entire books have been written explaining various ways to make money online. Yet several years ago when I first began my online business journey, I simply couldn’t find one article which explained the entire process. Instead, I spent my time reading a bit on domains, a bit on hosting, a bit on marketing, a bit [...]

An Example of Bad Journalism

This is the worst case of journalism I’ve ever seen. The purpose of the article is obvious: paint Wal-Mart as big, greedy, evil and naughty-naughty. Let’s analyze what actually is going on. The contract with Wal-Mart and the lady was that Wal-Mart doesn’t have to pay for your medical expenses if you get someone else [...]

Why I’m a Capitalist

A couple of months ago, I was with a group of radical anti-capitalists. They thought that government was the answer to life, the universe and everything. They thought that businessmen secretly cheat on their wives and beat their children, whereas the poor starving individual was heroically beaten down by the brutal financial leaders. Maybe I’m [...]

Total Makeover?

As many of you know, I love blogging about Making Money Online — it’s a great hobby and part-time job for me. I’ve bought a lap-top and some other cool stuff with my income generated through my blogs. I’m the main author and operator of Reason and Capitalism, Rebirth of Freedom,

Government and Morality

I present a challenge to any Christian who believes that governments have more of a right to use violence than everyday citizens. I want you to point out a verse, somewhere in the New Testament, that gives government an /exclusive/ right that the citizenry don’t have. Then tell me exactly what that is, from the [...]

The American Dream

Wow. I rarely read a news story that makes me sit up, take notice and feel good about myself, but this one about income mobility did just that. A kid took 25 bucks, a gym bag, went to the homeless section of a town in South Carolina, camped out, and set a goal. With no [...]

Presidential Canadidates

Earlier this week I was contacted by Andrew Axsom who has recently changed candidates. Rather than support Ron Paul, he introduced me to another mainstream candidate who: 1. Will be tough on crime 2. Will be tough on terror 3. Wants to end welfare This candidate dedicated his life to good and justice after a [...]

Philosophy of Liberty

This is a short explanation of the idea of liberty. I’m currently writing a much longer and more comprehensive version — it should be posted in the next few weeks. Look down at your body. Who

Legislate Morality!

I have recently decided to join the “legislate morality” camp. I was listening to an audio recording by a pastor of a two-family Bible church, and it just hit me all of the sudden. I believe that we should punish immoral actions, because, well, that’s just why we have government. To punish sin. Now, of [...]

It’s Not Complicated

It’s the rallying thought, the theme behind every oppressed people in the history of man. It’s incredibly simple, yet political theorists have seemingly glossed this basic human desire for other agendas. The desire to be left alone. Moses, the deliverer of the Israelite people in the Old Testament, in the most famous of all deliverance [...]