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Why Most Internet Marketers Fail. Big time.

EDIT: This is an old post from years ago. I still agree with everything I said, though I now am also publishing ebooks myself, because they’re the best monetization strategy for my new websites. Thanks! Most affiliate programs suck. Few visitors care about them, few visitors end up buying them, the payout is low, and [...]

The Make Money Online Article

Entire books have been written explaining various ways to make money online. Yet several years ago when I first began my online business journey, I simply couldn’t find one article which explained the entire process. Instead, I spent my time reading a bit on domains, a bit on hosting, a bit on marketing, a bit [...]

The Make Money Online Community

I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and make a kind of sappy post. I read most of the popular “MMO” blogs, like Copyblogger, Problogger, Courtney’s Internet Marketing School, along with the inevitable blog of Seth Godin. There are dozens of others that I’m subscribed to. I’ve always loved reading the comments on [...]

Stop Ignoring the Smart People

The biggest business “sucker” is the person who buys because of emotion. An emotional sales pitch leaves them with a lame PDF and an empty wallet. Unfortunately, there are tons of these people. Unfortunately, a lot of greedy “marketers” have noticed this. They target the sucker, so they can suck money from the poor little [...]

Good Grief.

Okay. I decided /not/ to make this a “how-to” guide to making money online, and instead decided to keep it as a place to rant and rave, and post poetry and the like. For tips on making money online, check out my new website for the purpose: Work at Home. =p ::goes back to writing [...]

Top Ten Lists?

We’ve all read at some point that if we want to write some really good link bait, all we have to do is slap together a top ten list. We’re told that StumbleUpon and Digg users just eat that stuff up, so, if we want to manipulate them, all we have to do is spend [...]