About Me

My name is Shaun Connell, and I’m a conservative, businessman, investor, and founder of The Strong Society.

Defying the Mainstream Media

My career has been almost entirely based on helping alternative media defy old-school media.

I’ve achieved considerable financial success as a conservative internet publisher. My publications have generated literally billions of page-views for conservatives in America.

Chances are, if you read any conservative news online, you’ve been on one of my publications or have read a conservative news report created by someone I’ve personally trained.

In the past, I founded Capitalism Institute, Conservative Tribune, and am currently in the process of launching another conservative publication to be announced soon.

Civilization is Under Attack

Civilization is under attack from all sides.

Leftists, social-justice warriors, radical Islamists, radical feminists, pathetic populists, the alt-right, emasculated “religious” types – all of these factions are at war with what made Western civilization strong and prosperous.

College campuses are breeding grounds for radical politics that undermine the West. News rooms are openly used as propaganda pieces for the left-wing against the West. Even most churches are used to push for unnatural views that require men to surrender all that is good to all that is pathetic.

Depression is skyrocketing, unnecessary poverty is persisting, and basic functional views and behavior are rare.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

The Strong Society

The Strong Society is the idea that there are certain core principles that, if followed, lead to micro and macro human success. These values are explained at my main Strong Society website. Still, they can be summarized:

  • Natural Values. We live in an unnatural age where weakness and sacrifice are valued over strength and success. We believe in natural values including family, legacy, dignity, justice, and power.
  • Open Conversation. Ideas should not be censored. Censorship inflames those it wishes to censor and creates a backlash. Only open discussion helps strengthen society.
  • Conservative Politics. A strong society requires strong institutions and strong, gradual reforms. Don’t confuse our conservatism with populism. They are different concepts.
  • Human Prosperity. Most are motivated by short-term comfort. We, however, welcome aggressive economic growth and prosperity, including the coming economic changes with robotics and AI.
  • Financial Success. If you want to protect your family, defend your country’s philosophy, and achieve your personal goals, then start by learning how to build wealth. It’s basic but vital. Life is easier with wealth.

If you want to understand the news, just follow the principles above.

If you want to achieve personal prosperity, just follow the principles above.

If you want to save Western civilization, just follow the principles above.

The following few years are going to be exciting. The future of the West – if we have one – will be determined on the basis of how fully the above principles are followed.

To learn more about the war for the West, make sure to check out The Strong Society’s main website.