Monthly Archives: May 2008

So who invented the iPod?

I finally did it. I created a website with the goal of taking out a long-tail keyword search. What on earth am I talking about? Great question. Every day, a bunch of people around the world go to Google and type in, “Who invented the ipod“, and then look for the answer. I’m not sure [...]

The Make Money Online Community

I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and make a kind of sappy post. I read most of the popular “MMO” blogs, like Copyblogger, Problogger, Courtney’s Internet Marketing School, along with the inevitable blog of Seth Godin. There are dozens of others that I’m subscribed to. I’ve always loved reading the comments on [...]

Definition For Marketing

In the past year or so, I’ve completely fell in love with marketing. I love reading Seth Godin’s blog, as well as a lot of other journals on marketing, especially those with an internet marketing twist. Copyblogger is amazing. What’s interesting is seeing how each of the “gurus” really see marketing. Definitions are everything, and [...]

Stop Ignoring the Smart People

The biggest business “sucker” is the person who buys because of emotion. An emotional sales pitch leaves them with a lame PDF and an empty wallet. Unfortunately, there are tons of these people. Unfortunately, a lot of greedy “marketers” have noticed this. They target the sucker, so they can suck money from the poor little [...]

Never Really Liked People

“You’re such a failure”, the fat, ugly woman hissed, gorging herself with another donut she’d just purchased at the counter. She liked her car outside, because she was not a failure. Her car was a great car. She really liked her great car. The bank liked her car too, and they loved that she paid [...]