Monthly Archives: March 2008

An Example of Bad Journalism

This is the worst case of journalism I’ve ever seen. The purpose of the article is obvious: paint Wal-Mart as big, greedy, evil and naughty-naughty. Let’s analyze what actually is going on. The contract with Wal-Mart and the lady was that Wal-Mart doesn’t have to pay for your medical expenses if you get someone else [...]

Identity and Morality

Authority is inherent with identity. You have authority over your identity. You have authority over using your legs because they are yours — authority, or rights, are found in self-ownership. All social understandings of morality is based upon this, explicitely or implicitly, intentionally or accidental. Mainstream Acceptance Both conservative and progressive beliefs are based on [...]

Why I’m a Capitalist

A couple of months ago, I was with a group of radical anti-capitalists. They thought that government was the answer to life, the universe and everything. They thought that businessmen secretly cheat on their wives and beat their children, whereas the poor starving individual was heroically beaten down by the brutal financial leaders. Maybe I’m [...]

My Last Words

So the other day I was thinking about what I would say if I knew that I could write one letter, or a note, to the whole world, and know that they’d read it. Well, there’s so much that I want to say about all of the important things that make life what it is. [...]

Good Grief.

Okay. I decided /not/ to make this a “how-to” guide to making money online, and instead decided to keep it as a place to rant and rave, and post poetry and the like. For tips on making money online, check out my new website for the purpose: Work at Home. =p ::goes back to writing [...]

Your Work At Home Office

Working at home has its perks. Like waking up in your office. It just simplifies life. Your office is, well, your home. Considering I’m still in high-school, my office is still my little home, or my bedroom. Keeping the office /feeling/ like an office is helpful and more to keeping one’s perspective right. A productive [...]

Top Ten Lists?

We’ve all read at some point that if we want to write some really good link bait, all we have to do is slap together a top ten list. We’re told that StumbleUpon and Digg users just eat that stuff up, so, if we want to manipulate them, all we have to do is spend [...]

Reason and Capitalism.

The following is the former home-page of Reason and Capitalism. has since gone on to focus on business, blogging, working at home and making money online. Millions around the world have abandoned reason as being cold and unpoetic, and have concluded their theories purely on emotional and cultural pressures. Without logic to guide their [...]

Total Makeover?

As many of you know, I love blogging about Making Money Online — it’s a great hobby and part-time job for me. I’ve bought a lap-top and some other cool stuff with my income generated through my blogs. I’m the main author and operator of Reason and Capitalism, Rebirth of Freedom,

Government and Morality

I present a challenge to any Christian who believes that governments have more of a right to use violence than everyday citizens. I want you to point out a verse, somewhere in the New Testament, that gives government an /exclusive/ right that the citizenry don’t have. Then tell me exactly what that is, from the [...]