Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Church is Lame

Warning: Random Rant Following. I’m currently reading the book “Starving Jesus”, written by the guys at These guys aren’t afraid of doing the right thing, even if it offends someone, or makes them go “omgosh! they talked about porn/sex/booze”. The book has been incredible so far, and the honesty that they write with is [...]

The American Dream

Wow. I rarely read a news story that makes me sit up, take notice and feel good about myself, but this one about income mobility did just that. A kid took 25 bucks, a gym bag, went to the homeless section of a town in South Carolina, camped out, and set a goal. With no [...]

Presidential Canadidates

Earlier this week I was contacted by Andrew Axsom who has recently changed candidates. Rather than support Ron Paul, he introduced me to another mainstream candidate who: 1. Will be tough on crime 2. Will be tough on terror 3. Wants to end welfare This candidate dedicated his life to good and justice after a [...]


I woke up, startled, felt feverish. It was only three in the morning. The darkness was more potent than usual and I couldn’t see a thing. He was talking to me again. But I didn’t believe in the voices in my soul, because I knew they weren’t real. Good God!, I screamed at those who [...]

The Philosophy of Rational Happiness

Man is not equipped to act without attempting to achieve his inner code. His purpose in life is to achieve his code — everything is a reflection of this pursuit, even his love of others.

10 Jesus Quotes

It could be said that I’m a Jesus guy. I’m completely sold out to Him, not just as my savior, but as a philosopher. If I didn’t believe Christ was God, I’d still have Him as my favorite philosopher. The following quotes are great examples of why I love Him so much. Given the context [...]