Monthly Archives: January 2008

Philosophy of Liberty

This is a short explanation of the idea of liberty. I’m currently writing a much longer and more comprehensive version — it should be posted in the next few weeks. Look down at your body. Who

Legislate Morality!

I have recently decided to join the “legislate morality” camp. I was listening to an audio recording by a pastor of a two-family Bible church, and it just hit me all of the sudden. I believe that we should punish immoral actions, because, well, that’s just why we have government. To punish sin. Now, of [...]

A Post About You

One of the first rules of polite conversation is that you never bring up religion. Let’s break the rule. I have about 50-50 ratio of atheists to theists that read Reason and Capitalism, and I’m equally eager to hear both sides in the comments below. Unfortunately, the “split” between the religious and non-religious tends to [...]

It’s Not Complicated

It’s the rallying thought, the theme behind every oppressed people in the history of man. It’s incredibly simple, yet political theorists have seemingly glossed this basic human desire for other agendas. The desire to be left alone. Moses, the deliverer of the Israelite people in the Old Testament, in the most famous of all deliverance [...]

Rational Christianity

I’ve not been posting much in the past few days for a reason. I’m at it again. I’ve started another website, and I’m more excited about this one than the others that I’ve put together. It’s an apologetics website. To put it simply, I can’t find a single website that explains Christianity in a comprehensive [...]

Wealth and Poverty

Perhaps the most fundamental misunderstanding of economics is how wealth is viewed. Wealth is seen as natural. It is thought that wealth should be given — redistributed among people. Wealth is seen as something that already exists, rather than what is really true — the exact opposite. Wealth is not natural. Take a man and [...]

Making a Profit

There is a frightening movement that has existed since man first bartered. The movement views profit (or “greed”) as evil. Self-interest is seen as wrong. The root of the movement is that “greedy” people are evil, that they don’t care about the poor. Because we do. My family owns a business, and we have dozens [...]

Introduction to Capitalism

Capitalism, both morally and pragmatically, is not just justified — it’s dramatically needed. The economic and moral benefit of resorting to the system of financial freedom is absurdly necessary. I will not pretend to be unbiased here. Though I used to support economic restriction, years of research and contemplation have brought me to the conclusion [...]

Feeling, Emotion and Reason

I’m known by friends and family as being brutally trusting of my mind. Logic is essential to my decision making process. Unfortunately, people tend to think that this means that I despise emotion. That to feel is my enemy. This … could not be further from the truth. I do not despise emotion — I [...]

Short Stories

I’ve not been into fiction since I was 12 or so. I’ve always been into non-fiction because of the substance. But currently digress from my traditional status on fiction because of a new blog a friend of mine set up. He’s in college, and is more of a poetic kind of writer — but rather [...]