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Rational Love: Part Two

Note that I will be referencing the works of Ayn Rand several times throughout this paper. I have many significant disagreements with her. Please don

A Reason to Live

These past few days I’ve been rereading the book Tuesdays with Morrie, written by Mitch Albom. It’s a beautiful book about a beautiful story that teaches a lesson so gorgeous that words can do no justice. The book spent six years on USA Today’s bestseller list. It’s changed millions of lives, with a very simple [...]

Link Tradage

Reason and Capitalism is anxious to increase quality, targeted traffic to like-minded websites and blogs in order to work towards a return to reason and morality. If you have a blog, website or just a webpage that you would like to have linked to us, all you have to do is link to us on [...]

Biblical Authority

Throughout the history of the world, authority has been under attack, scrutinized, criticized, utterly challenged and even envied. From the start, Satan wanted the authority of God

Light the Dark

This my decision, my path, my course, no turning back. This is who I am, who I must be, I can be nothing else. I’m slave of freedom, a warrior of its cause. Take it and die. Laugh with the enemy, sometimes it’s lonely at the cross, my cross, the cross of honor. Morality is [...]

Rational Love

“You are what you love.” -Anonymous Our theories and beliefs regarding love are, by far, one of the most important things about us. As ideas are important because of their consequences, so the idea of love is dramatically important because of the dramatic consequences it inevitably brings. What is love? Is love “romantic”, where people [...]

Make war, not love

The greatest tragedy that could occur would be for you to trade all that you could be for the pettiness that society expects from you. To live up to the expectations of the world is to spit upon your own potential

The War on Cakes

Sam likes chocolate cake. He likes to eat lots and lots of chocolate cake. Unfortunately, because Sam likes to eat lots and lots of chocolate cake, Sam is 539 pounds and will probably die young because of that incredibly delicious chocolate cake. Mary is his next-door-neighbor in his nice neighborhood. Mary sees how Sam likes [...]

My Platform

After looking over the other candidates, I’ve decided to run for president. Considering I’m under-aged, I guess I won’t get many votes. Oh, well, it’s just something to do, I guess. Below is my platform. I’ll be updating it as I think of more issues to add and discuss. Disagree with any of it? I’m [...]

The War in Iraq